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The Friedensmal - For a healing of the roots of our culture and for an inner path to peace and freedom. Awaken to life in freedom. - The Tree of Life lying in the Friedensmal (monument), pointing with its roots towards Jerusalem, breaks through the "dark ring of violence" with eleven memory stones as projection surfaces of an alienated and traumatised mind.

Culture of Freedom - This chapter is a comprehensive introduction: A Garden of Freedom, which stands for a culture of freedom in Germany, forms the framework of the Friedensmal (monument). This enables contact with the environment. We find a language with each other again.

Stone of Encounter - "A call full of love for human freedom. That we recognise the fences in our dealing with one another and do not seek our life in the past". - Yerushalayim (Jerusalem, foundation of peace) can be read on the Stone of Encounter at the boundary to the European Long Distance Trail E8. The Hebrew form of the name was chosen as a reconciliatory acknowledgement of also a Jewish root of our culture.

Project Goal - Actually, there is only one goal: Peace and Shalom. This refers to the comprehensive peace that is anchored in one's own soul. Peace is understood as an attitude that works from the inside out. This is what the Blossom of Shalom in the middle of the Friedensmal (monument) stands for.

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