Healing of the hurt root Jerusalem

Healing wounds of the past and releasing the future

The Friedensmal in Bensheim, 33 miles south of Frankfurt on Main, is a call for peace, freedom and new life. The idea for this monument was presented to the public in the year 1999 with a book on the Berlin Memorial debate. In the years 2010 - 2015 it was actually built. It became a response of life to Peter Eisenman's Holocaust memorial, realized in Berlin in the year 2005. He named the field of stelae he constructed "Terror of Loneliness". It consists of 2711 stelae. It shows a solidification cast in concrete.

The Holocaust Memorial rightly shows the NO to life, so it would be clear to us. The Friedensmal is the YES to life.

The Friedensmal shows in the awareness of past suffering a path of healing and new life. - Can we not let the past rest? Who does it help to look at the pain and to talk about it? But turning the page on the past and denying the wounds, would only be self-deception. Steps to peace, resulting in the closing of the wounds, are possible and it means to have learned something from the past. Scars remain in the collective memory.

Here a message of peace becomes tangible in the outer world. From the
Blossom of Shalom in the middle of the monument you can look into the German Rhine plain, where the Jewish "Jerusalem on the Rhine" had once been. The message of peace means the healing of the hurt root Jerusalem, an essential root of German and Western culture.

To live responsibility

Overcoming the Terror of Loneliness

The German past left deep traces in the souls of the descendants. Traumas were inherited from the parents and little attention was paid to the late effects of the Second World War that are described here. With the culture of remembrance, the topics Holocaust and German war guilt were taught intensively. This shook the sense of own identity painfully. The German admonishing culture focused on past and guilt, and the future with the hope of new life was missing. As a result, many people closed the mind for this topic or they got stuck in the pain of the past. Both could not help a necessary cure, but destroyed relationship; first the relationship to oneself.

What has been learned from the past that leads us into the future? How about the important insight that our freedom is lost without a constant struggle for it? Appreciating freedom, that is much more the impression one has, does not correspond to the German mentality. Anxiety deeply rooted in the soul makes people rather want to be in the safety of a herd with the proper ideology; it's still like that. But that is precisely why Germany today is eroding, which we knew as a safe country. So did we Germans only turn around in a circle instead of having a real insight? The past is part of oneself. The past can become repressed, held on to it, or it can be accepted in love so that a wound heals in living the answer.

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