Jerusalem Peace Sign (3 Roses of Shalom) ...awakening to life in the spirit of freedom

And (Waw) I will bless them,
that bless thee,
and him. that
curseth thee will I curse;
and in thee
shall all the families of the earth
be blessed. (1. Mose 12:3)

Rose of Peace / Shalom

The Rose of Shalom

For peace in the German-Jewish relationship and an answer to nihilism in a country in Europe loosing its christian root. The Jerusalem Peace Sign connects Germany and Jerusalem (Waw) with three Roses of Shalom. The first rose is situated in the middle of the TurningPoint Monument  in the Garden of Freedom in Bensheim, Germany.

Kein Kampf

In noise and fight
survive and win
shall any wisdom lie therein
to bend the inner truth within?
In stillness inner beings hold
rich - as a shimmering of gold
pure words remember to unfold

That our souls shall be raised

(T. Zieringer, 2014)

If it is true, as the Scripture says:
The truth grows on the earth.

Why does nobody lift it?
It is such a rare object.

The answer is this:
Nobody wants to bend down so low!

Baal Schem-Tow (Israel ben Elieser)

"The opposite of the Holocaust is in a sense the idea of Jerusalem" (Link). Inauguration of the first part of the Jerusalem Peace Sign in Bensheim, Germany. The inauguration took part in the Jerusalem Post and Haaretz on their Frontpages.

The English translation of the the German "Jerusalem Friedensmal" into "Jerusalem Peace Memorial" wasn't really good: It's not a memorial of the past. It asks for a personal answer in the present (answer in German = Antwort  —> Ver-Antwortung = responsibility). I think the new name "Jerusalem Peace Sign" is closer to the meaning of the German words and it even is more true.

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